Monday, April 05, 2010

The NOT Red Bull--calming drinks

Laura Johannes, WSJ, Mar 30, 2010, talks about relaxation beverages.

There have been no clinical trials to speak of, but this stuff does contain ingredients known to calm.

There are a hundred kinds now, with names like Mint Chill, Dream Water, and Vacation in a Bottle.

Mary Jane’s soda (isn’t Mary Jane another calmer?) contains herbal or hormonal preparations, such as kava, which should be used cautiously in people with liver risks.

Dream water contains melatonin, a hormone that can make you sleepy. One company, the maker of Drank. was told by the FDA that this was not an approved additive.

Some drifty soda people say explicitly that their drink does not contain melatonin.

Why do you want to spend this much money to be this calm? Wouldn’t having the money in your pocket make you calmer?

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