Friday, April 16, 2010

Pets get spring allergies

Did your dog ever experience “reverse sneezing”? It happened once with my beloved Spencer (now gone on to the snack pile in the sky). Weird—like gasping. It goes away.

Anyhow, Scott Craven, Arizona Republic, Apr 13, 2010, says if your pet is itching, sneezing, lethargic—it could be pollen. Here in AZ, dogs are getting slammed.

The pollen gets in their fur and then into the skin.

The dog or cat may first start biting their footpads…My dog Jim has chewed a square of fur off above his ankle. Very neat—square corners.

If the skin gets raw, though, it can get infected. Even that MRSA! Or hot spots—I dare you to google those and look at the pix.

It’s genetic, just like with humans—some animals are susceptible, some less so.

Even indoor cats can get this—the pollen comes in through screen doors and windows.

An air filter can help.

You can sprinkle the insides of omega-three fish oil tablets on their food—that may help.

Medicated shampoos can soothe.

If you are going to give benadryl—ask the vet first! Dosing is very weird with dogs.

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