Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tips for getting more energy

So, here I am, see, at the desk, staring at the dead weeds in my yard, broke, a teeny glum, disaffected, how can I zip into action?

Dr Thom Lobe, founder and medical director of Beneveda Medical Center in Beverly Hills, has some ideas for sparking creativity and just generally being less of a slug on ‘ludes.

First, draw a picture upside down. We need to get the old right brain going (the left is being logical all the time).

Exercise and stretch in your chair. Arms overhead…anna one, anna two…out to the side…one, two. Twist your wrists.

Laugh reading that. Good exercise.

Every 1.5 to 2 hrs—do something different for 20 mins. Visualize yourself on a mini-vacation (I included a pix to start you off).

Eat a good breakfast—be sure to include protein. Then a healthy bite every so often—cheese, nuts, hardboiled egg.

Minimize caffeine.

OK, lost me there.

One anna two, one anna two….

Oh—speaking of a slug on ‘ludes…Did you see 60 Minutes? College kids take uppers! My gosh…I finally had a chance to say, “Adderall, is that what the kids are calling it these days”?

By the way, you don’t want to be doing that. A million reasons. Brain damage over time being a possibility.

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