Friday, May 28, 2010

Boating and booze--stupid, stupid, stupid

You know who they are—you see them walking down the dock with two cases of beer, headed for a day on the water.

Arizona is in a desert, but has many lakes and the country’s worst boating fatality record—mostly due to our old friend, alcohol.

Operating a boat while impaired can get you in as much trouble as a car.

But our state does not require you to take a safety course—does yours?

Sometimes you can take these online.

Children under 12 must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

Know the boating laws in your state. (Yes, there are boating laws.)

Check the weather…even a lake can get dicey.

Have electronic devices—cells, beacons, personal locators,

AND DON'T PARTY and operate the boat.

Have a designated captain.

Also—out here they warn to be careful of swimming under pontoon boats where carbon monoxide can collect and deep-six ya. You can be dead before you even feel sick or confused.

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