Thursday, May 06, 2010

Breast cancer prevention with fewer side efx

At 81 months of followup, the STAR P-2 trial between Tamoxifen and Raloxifene shows both are effective in preventing breast cancer recurrence, but the Raloxifene has fewer side effects for many women.

Taloxifene improves its effectiveness against noninvasive b/c and caused significantly less endometrial cancer, and was significantly less toxic than Tamoxifen.

I am not a physician, not very knowledgeable about breast cancer, but if you are involved with this subject, this is worth checking out, in my opinion.

Here is a teleconference you can download:

Again—talk to your doctor.


Dr. Economides said...

Medical diagnosis of a breast cancer patient usually experience lump near the underarm or breast, a sudden change in breast size and bloody discharge from the nipple. It is really important for women to detect such symptoms to treat it accordingly as early as possible.

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks for your input, doctor. Your site is interesting.