Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't let your child drown

Out here in the desert, we have lots of pools and lots of tots tumbling in and dying.

It’s a grim theme with us.

Kids love going to the pool, so when they see a pool, they go right over—if you let them.

Never leave a kid near the pool—even for a quick dash inside.

Designate a “watcher” to scan the pool at all times while children are swimming. They can go under in a crowd and you might not notice.

You must have a fence with bars less than four inches apart. In AZ, pools built since 1993 also must have a 5-foot wall.

Doors leading to the pool must be self-latching. Lots of times kids wander out while a parent is napping or working.

Trim trees near the fence and keep toys away from the fence so kids can’t climb in—they are little monkeys!

Keep basic lifesaving equipment near the pool.

Keep a cordless outside with you.

Don't count on plastic floats or flimsy little waterwings to keep your child's head above water.

Learn CPR—did you know they are thinking now just chest compressions, without the breaths in between. Learn the latest. Practice.

Summer should be fun—not the saddest time of your entire life.

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