Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Someone to help you sort out medical bills

If ou are going under with an illness and bales of medical bills, EOBs, insurance questions, doubts, fears, and just plain panic, there are companies that can help you sort of it out—for a price, of course.

I got a press release on one, Health Advocate, which will provide you with an advocate, usually a specialized nurse, to resolve insurance problems, understand costs and make good decisions, find qualified doctors and hospitals, and go over tests with you.

They also negotiate payments where this is possible and do lots of other services you cannot do yourself even if you were well or not caring for someone.

To find out more, go to www.HealthAdvocate.com.

Has anyone worked with a company like this? How did it work out?


Health said...

Thanks for the mention, Star! We also have a direct-to-consumer service called Health Proponent, which performs the same services to people whose employer does not offer Health Advocate. Visit www.HealthProponent.com or call 1-866-939-3435 for more info.

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks for visiting. Come back--I post every weekday.