Monday, May 17, 2010

Women in fast cars

Uh-oh, women are speed demons

New survey out (Allstate) that says 48% of teenage girls say they like to drive 10 miles over the limit. Only 36% of the boys said this.

Joseph White and Anjali Athavaley wrote about this in the WSJ, May 5, 2010.

Many people were surprised. The boys lied, scoffed some.

Sixty-five percent of boys and girls said they were good drivers, but 77% said they weren’t sure about their friends.

This was a sample of more than 1000 teens.

Are young women taking on more risks in all aspects of life, wondered one expert.

Still, Allstate charges boys 40% more than girls.

Some good news? Teen deaths in accidents—down 54% from 1975.

Still, 84% of girls will adjust the radio, only 69% of boys.

Eight-two percent of both use cells.

And almost a quarter admit to drinking and driving.

Here's a tip: You may feel you are immortal, but you're not.

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