Thursday, June 17, 2010

2nd time: Don't let kids play after head bumps

I think I posted on this before—but many doctors are trying to sound the alarm on sending kids back into play (or even back to school or camp) after a bump on the head.

A concussion is a mild brain injury.

The NFL has finally tightened up on clearing players for return to the field.

Parent, coaches, and schools need to follow suit. Two-thirds of parents of young athletes worry about concussion, but half don’t know if the school has a concussion policy or not.

Find out!

Kids are more likely to get a concussion than adults and if they get one, more likely to get another one—this is cumulative.

Parents know many times players return to school or play too soon. They know coaches pressure and feel pressure to get the kid back into play.

Some symptoms—confusion, loss of memory of events earlier in the day, dizziness, imbalance, nausea, vomiting-some or all.

Doctors recommend that a physician or certified professional decide when a kid can return to play, school, or even texting or the computer.

The brain needs to rest and heal.

For more information and to create your own policy, go to:


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