Thursday, June 24, 2010

All this "spare time" not used exercising

The government (ours) has checked this out. In our third year of a crummy economy, we have more time on our hands but are “frittering” it away.

Justin Lahart and Emmeline Zhao wrote about this in the WSJ, June 23, 2010.

Bad us!

When you average it out, Americans over 15 worked three hours and 11 mins a day AVERAGE in 2009 and 17 mins less than that this year.

TV watching is up an average of 12 mins a day. I cancelled my movie channels, but miraculously still find plenty to watch. I think The Real Housewives of Spearfish, North Dakota starts soon.

Ooops—no increase in charity work, religion, exercise, or education.

Our skills are depreciating, one guy said sternly.

Did people, presumably many out of work, do things like yard work and cooking that they paid others to do before? Nope.

The researchers say losing your job can be depressing and unmotivating. That’s one for The Big Book of Duh.

In fact, people feel just as ashamed being unemployed as they ever did.

Work-at-homes are up to 23% from 19% in 2007.

Men still did less housework.

Another one for The Big Book.

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