Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am growing very slee...I mean, energetic

Self-hypnosis can help reduce anxiety, stop stuttering, relieve pain, lower BP, and help people be more effective—according to Michel Ellner, a New York-based health educator.

Practicing internal relaxation can bring better coping skills. Go to and

I also learned about a wacky site to encourage you to breathe better. It’s called The Dolly Lammy—check it out at

A stuffed er, “lammy” is the reminder…it’s a stuffed toy you can buy.

I laughed, and thus breathed better!

Now, back to my energy trance…

Maybe I will discover how Tibetan sheepism fits into this.


Irreverent Freelancer said...

Cool! I let the co-founder of the site know that my semi-retraction has already led to some positive publicity.

Star Lawrence said...

Yeah, you have to kind of go with the old flow on someone with a notion this wacky. At least, I do. And who can deny it--breathing is good. I hope to keep doing it. Yoga is based on it.