Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keep hands in shape for shaking

The raggedy nails, scaly thing is so out these days when handing over a resume.

According to Mary Rose Almasi, Allure April 2009, your hands can also telegraph your age, which can be bad in this economy.

Of course, the big meanie is the sun. That’s what causes the dreaded liver spots.

Almasi recommends buffing the backs of hands every two weeks with microdermabrasion cream. Then, of course, you need to moisturize. (You don’t have a few crates of microdermabrasion cream around—and you call yourself a woman!)

Actually men can do this, too…in private. Don’t forget sunscreen on hands.

To build up collagen, use a retinol cream at night. This can remove wrinkles and cover up veininess.

For extreme “crepiness,” you may need a peel.

There are also “big guns” for veins. No, not actual guns..fillers.

Some people worry about their hands not being rounded enough. Get a real problem! There are plenty of them lying around these days.

By the way, if you have those acrylic nails, do you think the employer will think you are so rich you don't need to work?

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