Friday, June 25, 2010

Once again, boys and girls differ

Kids play sports. But sports can injure.

Isaac Arnsdorf, WSJ, June 22, 2010, says football is the most dangerous for kids—3.5 injuries per 1000.

Girls’ soccer is second, though—2.1. Boys soccer, 1.6.

Baseball is a piker… 0.8.

Girls who play soccer tend to get more head and face injuries than boys. 50% more!

Boys get more shoulder injuries. Girls more knee damage.

Strangely, girls are more likely to tear a ligament in their supporting left, whereas boys are more likely to injure a ligament in their dominant leg.

Protective equipment has not changed—sometimes shin guards are magazines held on with straps, although they now must be certified.

Both genders get hurt more in the second half, when they get tired.

Adolescent girls are six times more likely to tear the ACL at the back of the knee. Some think estrogen makes ligaments looser.

Girls also suffer more concussions (enter concussion in box above on this blog for more info).

To prevent injuries, this article said coaches should emphasize correct posture, minimal side-to-side movements, and soft landings on the balls of the feet.

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