Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Reasons to have more se-x

Over at the larky NYT, they are talking about Moon, June and the picket fence—why people can find love even in middle age.

I hardly ruminate on this—my 20s wore me out sex-wise and having a kid in my late 30s finished me off.

But Redbook fearlessly takes this on, too—with a story called “7 reasons to have more sex.”

They start out saying it’s fun, a way to get close, and a good way to get more sleep.

More sleep?

Isn’t that one for fuddy-duddies?

They also add that having lots of you-know-what makes you live longer.

Have a healthier heart.

Lower blood pressure.

Less risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Less pain.

A slimmer body (I think that comes before…)

Fewer menopause symptoms.

It is kind of fun, if memory serves. Oh, well…

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