Monday, June 28, 2010

Toreador Woman

Toreador Woman lives

My sister and I gimp around with our aches and pains and cackle at the magazine covers with the 20-something woman striding along in toreador pants. We call her—wait for it—Toreador Woman!

Yeah, yeah, everyone can be her with fewer carbs and more long walks.

Still, I read a study the other day from British Columbia Jan 25, 2010, Arch Int Med)—155 women from 65 to 75 either did strength training with weights or balancing and toning work. Both worked out twice a week.

A year later, the strength training gals had improved their performance on cognitive (thinking) tests by 10-12%. The balance and toning group went DOWN half a percent.

Older women can also benefit bone-wise from strength training but are the least likely to do it.

The Toreador pants? Waiting for you in the store, my babies.

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