Friday, June 18, 2010

Would you believe a TV doctor?

What if they were licensed doctors AND played one on TV (and in magazines, tweets, interview shows, ad infinitum)? Marni Jameson writes about this in the LA Times, June 14, 2010.

Dr. Oz, Dr Weil, Surgeon General Koop, Dr Ruth—all take care of millions of patients—second-hand.

Fame alone, Jameson says, makes people think they are smart. If they are on TV, the reasoning goes, they must be good.

Their main claim to fame, though—being good-looking and articulate, maybe even funny. (Well, not Dr Koop.)

They also concentrate of helping people look and feel better. Who hates that?

But keep in mind—these people may be pretty ordinary physicians, if they even practice medicine.

My favorite is Dr Robert Rey on Dr 90210. He is pretty adorable practicing his martial arts in the hall outside the operating room (although as a hubs I think he’s kind of Type A-DHD).

I like how he looks at a woman’s breasts before performing augmentation and says, “So beee-you—tiful…why would you want to do anything?”

There is something endearing about that. But I heard he is not board-certified.

Dr Oz--wasn't he helping Oprah get it off and keep it off with a lifetime change of habits? Last time I looked (admittedly almost never), Oprah was not at her skinniest.

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