Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Can you run too much?

Leslie Barker Garcia, Dallas Morning News, writes that addiction to running can…wear you out or injure you.

I know people who have done this to themselves. Seven days a week, sick, well, rain, shine, hot, cold—run, run.

The guy in her story had a bone tumor in his leg—and all he asked was how soon after the surgery could he run.

Like anything else—exercise can be overdone.

You need to overload you body, then let it recover to change it for the better.


Overexercising can mean insomnia, tiredness, bad performance.

If you think you need to cut back, keep a training log, Garcia writes. One guy found every time he had a problem, he had been overtraining.

Make yourself take at least one day off.

Eat and sleep well. Concentrate on it.

If you still can’t stop or taper, seek help.

I know this doesn’t apply to too many of my readers, but I want every one of you!

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