Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Don't cook the pooch

John Stanley, Arizona Republic, July 3rd reminds us that your dog is no better than you are running around in a heat wave with no water or hiking up and down mountains.

People leave pets in cars (and KIDS). Cracking the window does not do it!

Don’t tie your pet up all day in the yard with a shallow pan of water and no shade.

People are more apt to leave the dog at home without proper hydration and shade. Usually they will take water for the animal on a hike—but not always.

Don’t forget, rocks and sidewalks get hot! Those little footpads may look leathery but they collect heat.

Dogs also get used to a/c and need to build up to a summer adventure outdoors.

If your dog starts panting like mad, is nervous and shaky, looks frantic or glazed, drools a lot, staggers or vomits—find shade PDQ!

Give some water—but not too much. Don’t let him gulp.

Pour cool (not icy) water on the dog’s head, belly and groin.

For more tips, go to:

If he continues to look bad, get to a vet. Maybe carry the number of a vet near the trailhead.

Woof. That’s canine for thank you, my little oochy--woochy human.


Star Lawrence said...

I used to have a little folding cup for my kid so I could "water" her on hot walks when we came to fountains or faucets. I think they make bowls like this to take along for dogs. Dogs are so game--they will chug along, even run with you, but they are human, come on, let's take care of them. Here in AZ, speaking of shallow water bowls outside, I turned the hose on the other day and the water was so hot it burned the top of my foot. If a dog's water is outside, that is how hot it is!Think!

Star Lawrence said...

How about an air cooled doggie coat? Check out