Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eat this!

Elizabeth Bernstein wrote about couples with different eating habits in the WSJ, July 13, 2010.

One guy likes to stuff his cheeks with peanuts and smack lip lips over yummy food. His wife is grossed out (“he makes a drain-flushing sound when he swallows”).

She used to kick him under the table, now she drinks more wine.

Some people like to eat early, some hours later.

Some like sauces and garnishes, others dump out the fridge and pour on hot sauce.

One spouse likes thin crisp cookies, the other cakey fat ones.

Food is close to the heart—one of the earliest ways to assert ourselves is to eat or not.

One guy even sent his intended to a therapist to learn to like more types of foods and now she eats her quesdillas fancier than his.

So there!

Those two with the cookies? Once the wife got so mad at seeing the flat cookies, she went to the store for storebought. Probably fumed the whole way, too.


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