Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grownups can be picky eaters

My daughter won’t eat rice. Not a grain. Hates it.

My sister dated a guy who hated cheese.

When a grownup won’t eat things, it isn’t really an eating disorder, but it can be a problem and interfere with life.

Duke and the Univ of Pittsburgh have set up a picky eating registry. You can log in and record your preferences (or hatreds).

Picky (or selective) eaters seem to like French fries—no one knows why. Or chicken fingers.

Eating spaghetti,one said, is like stuffing grass in your mouth and chewing it up.

Others say certain foods make their stomachs churn—their bodies just won’t let them eat whatever it is.

Check out pickyeatingadults.com.

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