Monday, July 12, 2010

Health tips from an Angel

A Hell’s Angel

Actually, THE Hell’s Angel—Sonny Barger, now 71, and now a spiritual leader.

Susan Carpenter wrote about him in the LA Times.

Sonny has (natch) a book out called Let’s Ride.

He is sort of ticked that the government can tax him, but he can’t vote or own a gun because he is a felon. Yeah, the govt is like that. (Sonny spent 13 years in max security prisons.)

There are enough skeevy little jailbirds in Arizona to hold me for some time, but I decided to write about this guy anyway.

Sonny works out and drinks protein smoothies.

He no longer rides a Harley, now it’s a Victory Vision.

He credits luck for his long life, saying you can be sitting at a light and be taken out by a truck—it’s all luck.

Also—he says—don’t ride while angry, drunk, or on drugs. Don’t ride a black bike—hard to see.

He wears a full-face helmet and no one dares comment. (AZ does not require helmets.)

He needs the wind protection—his vocal cords were removed due cancer of the larynx (3packs a day).

The Angels still travel fast, often above the limit, and clump together.

They don’t follow—they lead, zipping around slow-moving cars to get out front.

They are just that way.

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