Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now be nice--time for that crutch

Assistive devices can harm if you do it wrong. This from Craig Weinstein, an orthopedist in Gilbert, AZ.

You must get the right device for your problem and the right size for your frame.

Crutches are for an injury or surgery that does not allow any, or only limited, weight on the extremity. The top of the crutch should be one inch under your armpit. The handgrips should be opposite the tops of your hips. The elbows should have a slight bend.

You lead with the crutches and then swing your body up to them. Look ahead, not at the ground under the crutches.

Canes are used for balance or slight instability. The top of the cane should be even with the wrist crease when standing. Grip the cane in the hand OPPOSITE the leg that needs support. Let the cane strike the ground the same time as the injured leg.

Walkers are for recovery from hip or knee replacements or balance problems for the elderly. The top of the walker should be level with the wrist crease when standing. Don’t lean all the way onto the walker.

Got all that?

Diff subject: Do you get those catalogs full of diapers and crutches? I hate those.

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