Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Running barefoot

Jorge Cruise, fitness guru, wrote about this in USA Today Weekend, July 23, 2010.

He says some experts question whether running shoes are really healthier—maybe they interfere with the ability to sense the force with which the foot hits the ground.

The raised heel of a running shoe increases the heel strike.

Barefoot running, say enthusiasts, could reduce impact injuries while building stronger ankle and leg muscles.

There are shoes that supposedly act like a bare foot—5.0 from Nike, Wave Ronin 2 from Mizumo, and Evo by Terra.

This Avatar-like weirdie is Five Fingers from Vibram.

“Fingers”? Nobody uses a professional namer anymore.

That one looks thin—what about rusty nails?


Star Lawrence said...

Apparently these Vibram shoes are copied everyplace--go to At least I think that's the real one.

Star Lawrence said...

I also read some liittle study that said walking around barefoot is better for knee pain.