Monday, July 19, 2010

Sad case--weight loss pills

Now, the govt (under the so-called stimulus just passed) is going to create a Fat Registry of everyone’s Body Mass Index.

If only there were an effective way to lose weight.

When you come down to it, there isn’t. Oh, yes, exercise more, eat less, etc. Blah blah. The body adjusts.

Short circuit the intestines. That has some big drawbacks and you can eat through it.

How about a pill? Reuters recently did a timeline of the pill approach, which was some pretty depressing reading, let me tell you.

Late 1800s—Thyroid extract. Serious side effects.

1930s. Dinitrophenol revved up the system so much it ruined nerves and formed cataracts.

1940s. Amphetamines at first—worked but addictive.

1960s. Rainbow pills—amphetamines, digitalis, and diuretics. Hearts attacks!

1997. Fen-Phen…heart valve problems.

2009—Hydroxycut—liver damage.

Still on the market:

Meridia. Warning label on blood pressure and risk of heart attack. Not sold in Europe.

Xenical. Can cause serious liver problems, gas, and poop accidents.

Drugs up for approval:

Qnexa. Remember the “Phen” in Fen-Phen? That’s in there along with an anti-seizure medicine. FDA approval expected in fall.

Proceed at your own risk.

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Star Lawrence said...

Qnexa was nixed by the FDA.