Thursday, July 01, 2010

Size matters on drugs

I decided 25 years ago to stop obsessing over weight and not get weighed again the rest of my life. Fat and living with it.

At the doctor’s office, I get a hostile look or a power play when I say, “Pass,” on the obligatory weigh-in. I then say, “If I have to take a medication based on weight, I will get on the scale backward.”

They either send me on my way never to darken their doors again, or grudgingly go through this every time I come.

Turns out now they should be based many drugs on body size. Makes sense, right?

Funny about this—every year, 75,000 people die from taking too high doses of medicine. Fat is an element in metabolizing medicine, so the BMI (Body Mass Index) comes into play.

When you get a prescription, ask if your size was considered.

You might have to get weighed.

On the other hand, many doctors don’t know how to figure this, so don’t.

It’s darn hard to get on backwards—but for me, worth it. I am not climbing on that roller coaster again in this life.

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