Friday, July 30, 2010

"Speed-dating" type doctor selection

Anyone who has even passed me on the street knows I am sick and tired of the doctors I have found in Arizona. Don’t even ask!

So I read with interest that a Texas hospital (Texas Health Harris Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford, how’s that for a name tag?) has periodic “Doc Shop” sessions in which patients and docs have lightning conversations—a la speed dating.

Surprisingly, some doctors are short of patients, what with the downturn and the increased coinsurances and copays.

The hospitals also benefit—and may be chosen for elective surgeries.

The hospital pushed the Doc Shops on Facebook, Twitter and through email.

Each session is for one specialty—OB-GYN, pediatrics. They are focused toward women, who make most of the health care decisions.

I would go to one of these sessions if they did them here. For now, I sort of google, stick a pin in the internet, read the random reviews I can get free, and then check lawsuits and actions against the doctor…then usually think, “Next.”

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