Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What if your kid or a classmate is sick?

Cancer, something else very serious. The child looks poorly, is absent a lot.

What would your school do to inform the other kids? Have you faced this?

Teachers at St Jude’s Children Research Hospital help kids re-enter school with a catastrophic illness.

The key is to keep information at a level the kids can understand. It amounts to demystifying the illness, say cancer.

Sometimes even parents think cancer is contagious. This needs to be discussed. Maybe the child wears a mask to keep from catching a cold. They can say why they wear it.

Children also need to know the child didn’t do something that “caused” the disease. Sometimes they may ask that.

If the worst happens and the child must leave the class and not come back, either through death or treatment, the kids are in the know and can be part of it.

Even if it's bad.

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