Monday, July 05, 2010

Would you stick these in your eyes?

Catherine Saint Louis, NYT, July 3, 2010, writes about special contact lenses Lady Gaga wears to give her face an anime, wide-eyed look.

Actually, in her video, the Lady’s eyes were widened by computer (I would say she is not an idiot, except she undressed at a ballgame, so…).

Teengers, though, are using a new type of cosmetic contact that is bigger than usual—covering part of the white of the eye.

Circle lenses, they are called. The cost $20-$30 a pair.

They are big in Asia.

The FDA and many eye docs are not thrilled.

Your Auntie Star here also has reservations. After all her bad eye experiences, she advises you to be very careful about what you cram in there.

Maybe to see better…but to be SEEN better…maybe not.

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