Monday, August 02, 2010

The Backyard Nursing Home

Seriously--they call it that.

The AARP Bulletin (Aug 2010) has a bleep on a portable "alternative" to nursing homes—a MEDCottage, 12 x 24, with a bathroom and way to signal caregivers that the old person needs them.

A minister invented this—and as you can see, triggered my snarkiness.

I have a shed in back like this—wired for electricity. I could add a bathroom.

So this is it? Don’t add a wing or mother-in-law suite, add a box?

Cities are lining up to zone for these things—if a doctor prescribes.

How would that go exactly? At the doctor. “I think your mother needs more supervision—she could fall—she should not be home alone.”

“OK, but we don’t have room—maybe the tool shed?”

I know—I am being a bitch. But heck, people.

They call this family-managed health care. You are the nurse. You live in the big house and just run back there a few dozen times a day.

And it's $75K.

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