Monday, August 23, 2010

Breakfast like a king

My Mom used to follow nutritionist Adelle Davis and Adelle said, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper.”

Apart from the feudal implications, is this good advice? Sure, probably. Studies do show that people who eat breakfast lose weight more easily (if you are into that). Breakfasters get Type 2 diabetes less often. They think better.

Breakfasts should contain a protein item…so that latte is not enough.

Actually, 12 grams of protein are recommended—half a cup of skim is only 4 grams.

Recently Consumer Reports on Health got into this breakfast riff. Some suggestions? Well, eggs (pasteurized and not poison) are good. Whole grain breads or cereal. Nuts, seeds, unsaturated fat.

Peanut butter! We are all about the peanut butter!

Watch the sugar. Women should eat only 6.5 tsps a day, men, 9.5 tsps. Some nannies would scream at that much even.

Oatmeal is good—it contains biotin—I am getting back into oatmeal, personally, because my hair is falling out.

Yogurt is good. Ricotta. Or cottage cheese—makes a good toast spread.

Bananas? Biotin—can you tell I am biotin obsessed these days?

If you don’t like breakfast stuff—eat turkey on toast, leftover pizza (now you’re talkin’), or even a baked potato with no-fat sour cream. We make them in a batch and reheat…they get a little wrinkly, but taste OK.

We’re a little wrinkly ourselves. We don’t judge.

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Gaurav said...

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