Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gulf seafood--bring on the jumbo gumbo?

According to an AP story, an Oakland seafood store owner says everyone freaked seafood-wise when the well blew, but are now back scarfing Gulf shrimp same as always. People do ask if anyone is regulating it, though, whatever that means. Giving it to FDA scientists for lunch and seeing if they eat it?

In August, one poll showed 54% of Americans were leery of the Gulf stuff.

Another store says people don’t even ask about where it came from anymore.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, however, would not mind seeing some studies with published results.

The big worry is some oil hydrocarbons that can cause cancer. The FDA uses “sniffers” (I am assuming a machine, not a person with a really bad job) and minces up fish and shrimp and tests it. (I was kidding about the FDA doctors.)

People want to go back to this—they want to help the fisherfolk down there.

I read that one restaurateur here in Arizona said Gulf shrimp is iodine-y. Does anyone agree?

I do think it’s weird, a little anyway, that the minute this spill or spew got boring and overstayed its welcome, it was declared “better.” Today’s take was that some obliging microbes ate the whole thing.

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