Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hellooo, it's your robo-nurse

Jessie Scheiwe, Los Angeles Times, says some doctors are experimenting with telecare—telephone-based care.

Some psychotherapists even use it.

Offices use it to keep track of patients on a regimen—such as a diet or diabetes care.

Cancer patients, according to one study, showed improvement in pain and depression if checked on by phone.

Women who just had a baby were also assisted and it eased post-partum depression.

Even an automated call can help—it makes people feel part of something, like someone cares.

When I was on a blood thinner, sometimes the doctor’s office would call if my monthly blood test was weird—it did feel like someone cared. Usually, I had to call them.

We are going to be seeing a lot more ways of getting care. USA TODAY has a story on group appointments. Up to a dozen people with an ailment meet—nondisrobing exams were in the front of the room, more intimate ones behind a curtain. Participants promised in writing not to blab the medical secrets of others.

I don’t know, people—what do you think?

We are going to pay more, get less, and have to be flexible.

Maybe we are being overtreated, who knows… Check out www.treatmenttrap.com.

Wait and see is sometimes OK. I would wait and see, I think, before I would go to a group appointment. Yet, I did go to a joint replacement "class" with a relative once---and it did answer a lot of questions at once.

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