Monday, August 16, 2010

Hide the kids, she's sick of supplements

Good grief, we just have one body, even if it’s fat—how many weird pills and nostrums do we need? Eat some green veggies, orange veggies, beans, lettuce, meat, fish maybe (though some has the big bad mercury) and maybe even some cake.

Live! I spend so much time on this stuff it’s ridiculous.

I noticed my hair was kissing the head good-bye. Long strands. What had I been doing? Let’s see. Well, fish oil, so good for the heart, you know. Glucosamine-chondroitin, whatever they are, for rickety knees.

You know—the stuff we try, then keep popping in.

I read up on gluco/chond—sure enough, female hair loss is a side effect. Tossed it. Within 24 hrs, my knees no longer felt like hot grapefruits full of razor blades. They are almost pain free now!

The fish oil even has come under question by those self-proclaimed know-it-alls, Dr Oz and Dr Roizen. There could be cancer-causing PCBs in some of those oils. OK, the docs say, switch to algae-based Omega 3. Yick. Algae—no thanks (I have a pond, not a fan, and had heart palps once on blue-green algae).

Maybe some walnuts for Omega-3. Not walnut pills, or powder. Walnuts themselves—six whole ones day.

But I mean it about the cake—a little is good for the soul, which can always use some supplementing.

No, Star did not say not to take your prescriptions. Ask your doctor. Check your list often. Don't mention the cake, though. That never ends well.


Rinkesh said...

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coughing up blood

Star Lawrence said...

Welcome...I post weekdays--come back.