Tuesday, August 03, 2010

iDosing--heard of this yet?

Forget cops and expensive illegal drugs, some people swear you can achieve a catatonic or hallucinogenic state listening to certain tones that activate the brain certain ways.

Digital drugs.

Parents are ritualistically alarmed and shocked. Kids are ecstatic (or appropriately catatonic).

The usual.

At first scientists said it was harmless…After all, isn’t music a mood changer?

Then naturally someone said, well, it might be a gateway drug to the real thing.

You know, reefer madness.

This is based on what they call Binaural beats or sequences. Highly technical tones people take years to develop. You get these off the internet. Check with Dr. Google.

What do I think? I think what goes around comes around. When do we get some nice CDs for cancer patients and pain management?

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