Thursday, August 12, 2010


I don’t even own a laptop and some people are already being maimed by theirs. I am so not worthy!

Aching, neck, throbbing head, tingling fingers. Too long on the old laptop.

This is “almost inevitable,” sez Kevin Cameiro, DO, a doctor in the Dept of Physical Med and Rehab at the Univ of NC.

Your body should be at a 90-degree angle to your arms and the screen should be straight ahead.

But, but…the screen on a laptop is fixed to the bottom—you can’t achieve this.

One solution is to hook the thing to a docking station—we are out of my pay grade instantly here, so you figure it out.

If you must use it, as is, put it on the desk so the screen is at least straight ahead. Try not to be bending your neck. That girl in the picture--don't do that.

Make sure your wrists are supported if you use a mouse.

Take frequent breaks. Roll you wrists and neck.

Stay hydrated.

You are young and strong—don’t crap out before your time, I always say. (I do, ask anyone.)

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