Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Looking smart today

Ray A. Smith, WSJ, Aug 12, 2010, writes about clothes that are smarter than I am!

I am letting my t-shirt just take over. Ahhh. Naptime.

There are new fabrics that respond to heart rate or even track it. Another brainstorm is cloth that prevents odors.

Clothes will even be able to tell someone you fell down. Now THAT’s embarrassing. Who? Surely not my doctor, if I have one by then—like they care.

A waterproof suit is coming from Brooks

Some new undies from Uniqglo also make you burn more calories or stand up straighter. They used to call those pantyhose.

Another shirt has a message that only comes out when you sweat on it. The message is “All you need is you.” Man do these people need namers and tag writers!

Of course, there are glitches. One fabric that changes colors when it gets warm got really changed in the armpit area—yick. Other people think some of the fabrics are stiff or the properties wash out.

Good grief—leave us alone. Mood rings were bad enough.

This post was typed by my pants, but I approved this message.

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