Friday, August 13, 2010

Some teens putting off driving

Tracey Correa of the McClatchy Newspapers says more teens are not running over to Motor Vehicles on their 16th birthday.

Some wait years.

The percentage of Californians getting a license at 16 has dropped from 31% in 1991 to 19%.

Many households can't afford the second car and insurance these days, but the big factor is parents—they just keep chauffeuring to keep the kids safe and out of habit.

They often have to push the kids to get a license now.

Free drivers’ ed in school is almost a memory. The courses cost (my kid’s did).

Many states restrict driving for a couple of years. No more than one teen passenger, no driving after midnight, that sort of thing.

Kids are also afraid of drunk drivers.

Sometimes they take the test and fail and get timid.

I never drove at all—took three lessons out here in AZ, of which the less said the better. But if I ever do standup comedy, that is my opening act.

But—kids—not driving held me back from a lot. You need to get with it eventually. Listen to Auntie Star now.

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