Monday, August 09, 2010

Sunburn is still a burn

I used to get those blister sunburns as a kid. Where the blisters are like translucent grapes all over your shoulders. Supposed to be precursor to skin cancer, like I don’t have enough to worry about.

Linda Penney of Newsday writes about treating sunburns at home These are first-degree burns, you know.

A cool bath and cool compresses are recommended—to draw out the heat.

Use Eucerin or Aquaphor to keep skin moist—this won’t prevent blistering. We used to use Noxzema.

Tylenol or ibuprofen can help with pain—and a sunburn does feel stuff and stinging.

Some people try apple cider vinegar, or plantain, or cold milk on a compress. I also have heard of using tea.

Don't pop the blisters--this is not bubblewrap.

Yick—I remember this. Not a good memory. We didn’t have plantain, though. I guess we had sunblock and were just idiots--I can't remember.

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