Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sure, put that crown on the card, no problem

Michelle Andrews, Washington Post, Aug 31, 2010, says often patients are lured into sketchy credit situations in the face of a medical emergency.

Some states are looking at these purveyors. Often such cards are used for dental, chiro, dental, Lasik, and hearing procedures. Things not covered by insurance.

One common event with these is to do an application for “extended payments” without knowing it’s a card. Then the bills come.

It may be interest free if paid within a time limit, but if that is not met, the whole balance will be slapped with a huge interest rate—even the part paid off.

Or the whole bill will be put on the card—including what insurance might pay. Try to get THAT straightened out.

GE Care Credit, for one, gives dentists a kickb…rebate…for getting patients into this, although they say this doesn’t always happen.

New York State is also on the trail of Chase Health Advance and City Health Card.

If you are stuck in some urgent deal, ask for an extended payment plan—the practitioner will in effect be extending interest-free credit, but some will.

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