Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad, bad Americans, still not eating your veggies

I don’t even remember the last governmental fiat—11 veggies a day, was it? Seven?

I do remember it was a lot for a species with only one stomach. Cows at least have two to moosh up all that grass.

Despite the nannies harping on our lamentable veggie under consumption, the Centers for Disease Control sadly notes that only one state increased consumption of at least two servings of fruit and three of veggies a day from 2000 to 2009. The increase was small even for the Potato State.

In Idaho those who hit the fruit goal went from 27.9% of the people to 32.9. Veggie-crunchers also went up 3%.

Bad news, though—10 states dropped in plant consumption.

See, here’s the thing.

Some people don’t like veggies. Some don't even like fruit.

Some veggies don’t like people (methane-related incidents).

Veggies and fruit cost.

If you say you are eating canned veggies (I do), people get that “what an idiot” expression.

Even compost heaps are fed up.

Seriously, though—what about those juices with hidden “veggies”? Pretty sneaky, huh?

Oh, heck—sneak a leaf into your diet. Get the Sandal Set off your back.


anubhav kapoor said...

The increasing incidence of GM foods too is making things a bit difficult for those who are trying to go green in their foods. Add to that the rising number of food allergies, people getting obsessed with organic food and laid-back lifestyles that don't allow people to digest mean green stuff real well.

Star Lawrence said...

Yes, I wonder about that genetically modified stuff..and how they say don't let the seeds blow into the next field. It sounds kind of tricky to contain. Also, I hope it won't be one of those deals where in 10 yrs they say, "Um, you know all that lettuce that kills weeds that you have been eating... Well, we did a study and ..."