Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bracelet that says "Check for a Bracelet"?

I don’t wear a watch, just don’t like them. I won one once in the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes and thought that was pretty neat, so I wore that one. It died after about 10 years.

For a trip once, I got a watch that had a medic alert on it. I was on a blood thinner at the time. After I concluded that blood thinners and I are a horrible combo, I dumped the watch.

Laura Landro (WSJ, Sept 1, 2010) says more and more people are wearing the bracelets, though—adults and kids. First responders do look for them, she says.

Yet, some people think they are ugly and too much of a reminder of their decrepit selves.

Other people prefer to tote a flash drive with their medical info on it.

Some reasons to wear one: pacemaker, blood thinners, endocrine stuff like diabetes (where a certain treatment in error could kill ya), seizures, organ transplant, autism, and pediatric heart conditions.

There are also variations on a theme—sites that hold your detailed medical info at the ready for ER people to access. One, the Invisible Bracelet, is an off-site set of medical info accessed by a number kept in the wallet or on the bike helmet or wherever.

Weirdly, some people even get a bracelet that reads: No Known Medical Condition. This is supposed to get them faster service if they do show up with something wrong.

From what I have seen in ERs, I am giving that one an "All righty."

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