Monday, September 13, 2010

Fie robot

I have written about group appointments, Big Sister nurse nags (er, reminders), and now why don’t we just let our robots handle it?

Instead of peeps, we will have robots.

Still, didn’t you hate those weird lab results call-in things with the secret handshakes to get your results?

Almost as irritating as the office saying, “If you don’t hear from us, your results are normal.” Yeah—what if you never got the results, or the lab lost my sample or something?

Patient Prompt™ is one new wrinkle—a patient reminder system.

It contacts patients by voice, text or email, confirms their appointments, then notifies the doctor’s record for that patient that the person had been reminded.

“All without human input,” says the ad copy.

I gather, therefore, that the patient's response to this mechanical call is not recorded.

But on these robots at the phone company? You know when they say, “You can talk to me normally?” I always answer, “No, I can’t.”

I talk to a machine saying I won't talk to a machine.

That’s why a need my own bot. I can win at this.

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