Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Find some cool and sit in it

Being in a tizzy is bad for ya—floods your system with destructive chemicals that rot your organs.

Sue Shellenbarger (WSJ, Sept 22, 2010) writes about today’s tense atmosphere, which she calls “angry times.”

My grocery store decided to rearrange everything, with no discernible reason to it, just change it, cram in more items, who even knows.

Since I cannot see well enough to read overhead signs, I am lost in space, and asked a clerk where the bread was, and she said, “Aisle 3,” and I said, “Where is Aisle 3?” and she looked up, irritated—pointed…then became overly helpful…”Would you like me to take you there?” No!!

I was furious.

See how it can happen? Angry times.

Anyhow, Shellenbarger says people need to show “emotional leadership.” I am not that person.

Listen, be warm, let the person talk, don’t try to fix everything, although a guy at DirecTV who gave me $15 off calmed me.

This is what they tell “real people” who work complaint phone lines. No wonder they want bots to talk to us. Some of these people put their family’s picture front and center. They press MUTE and scream back. They play racketball a lot. They play nerf darts.

Or they go on disability—completely depleted, whimpering, changed forever.

Seventy percent of people who call are already at “rage.” Five percent curse. They threaten to sue.

People also assault fast food personnel, throw mop water on them, punch in drive-though windows.

Guess I should not have told our favorite checkup clerk Lori, “I hate your store.” (She replied that she did, too--but still.)

But you know what…If you get me on the phone, don’t call me “ma’am” “As in “Ma’am, ma’am…” right after you asked my damn name two times!

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