Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giving the swine flu shot another shot

I am debating the flu shot this year. As you probably know, each year the powers that be select the three strains of flu they think will pop up most here in the US.

They base this somewhat on what has popped up in the southern hemisphere, where the flu season is just ending.

Despite swine flu, H1N1, ending up not being the horror show they predicted last year, they deemed the likelihood of its sneaking in as justifying the swine flu strain as one of the three.

I was leery of it last year, when it was given separately, thinking, maybe not too rationally, that had been concocted in a hurry.

Apparently, there were a few more side effects, but researchers say that is because more was reported than with the straight flu shot—due to all the emphasis at the time.

For vaccines to “work,” protecting a sizable part of the population (they call this herd immunity, somewhat amusingly), people have to chance it and get it. When a certain number get it, the numbers crunchers say spread will be limited.

I don’t trust one iota, not one subparticle, of government, but I guess I am getting the shot and letting my mother get it.

Crossing fingers now.

You have to make your own decision, but this may be one aspect of civilized society where you have to just suck it up.


Star Lawrence said...

I read a small study that said the shot may protect somewhat against heart attack. Hmpf--that's something.

Star Lawrence said...

For the record--I got it. My arm itched for two days, but I am still around.