Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hearing loss huge public health issue

What? What did you say, Star?

Arlene Romoff, president of the Hearing Loss Association of New Jersey, says hearing loss ranks third behind heart disease and arthritis as an expense and concern.

It’s more prevalent than cancer, affecting 37 million adults (17%).

Hearing loss among teens has gone up 30% since 1990.

Hearing aids are only part of the solution. Captioned telephones, assistive listening devices, cochlear implants, TV captioning—all are out there.

Kids—when your Mom says she can hear that sssh-sssh-sssh from your earbuds, it’s TOO LOUD!!

Personally, I think those ear things are practice hearing aids.


anubhav kapoor said...

Yes, it is a public health issue and somehow, authorities around the world aren't sensitized towards this issue. It seems to be than unlike physical deformities or blindness that are a bit more graphic in terms of being visible easily, hearing-loss and related disabilities aren't considered serious by most folks.

Star Lawrence said...

Good point. Thanks!