Friday, September 24, 2010

In exercise, go fast, easy, slow

If you are bored with your routines, try interval exercising.

A study in the Oct 2001 issue of the American College of Nutrition showed that three 10-minute bouts of exercise, two 15-minute ones, and one 30-minute one were about the same in increasing aerobic health and reducing fat.

To lose weight, the participants had to diet, also.

Interval exercising is high-intensity followed by an “interval” of low intensity.

One routine is 3 minutes of moderate intensity step aerobics, one minute of high, then back to moderate for 3 mins. Repeat 8-10 times.

An important phase of exercise for your heart is the recovery period—this gives more of those.

What is high, moderate and low? At high, you should only be able to say yes or no. At mid-effort, you could get out a sentence or two. At low, you could hold a conversation.

Interval training also improves immunity, according to one study.

Strangely, beginners and top athletes tend to be the ones who do it.

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