Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The latest--freeze your butt off

It never ends, does it? Fat, fat, fat. Splat—that’s me facedown giving up.

The FDA has approved two devices, the Zeltiq’s Cool Sculpting device and Zerona.

The Cool Sculpting thing freezes your fat while you lie there for an hour, then the ruined fat cells slowly reabsorb over time. The Zerona is a low-energy laser that rotates around your flab and pricks holes in the cells, which eventually give it up.

Of course, both treatments are fabulously spendy. And about that reabsorbing—do they go into the blood?

You know what I read once—a 50 lbs weight loss means one inch gone from around your entire silhouette. It’s noticeable, but you won’t be a coat hanger.

I have lost my weight 2.5 times—and it found me again. I am done. If anything, this makes me a slow learner.

The WSJ, Sept 14, 2010, wrote about how tenacious and complex fat cells are—they are little hormone emitting factories regulating everything. A fat person may have 120 billion, a thin person 40 billion.

Strangely an allotted number seems to stay constant. They are looking into that.

Fat cells, however, are not just little oil-filled balloons. As you get older, they blob off your hips, backs of your hands, thighs and so on and glob over to your organs, clogging around them.

This is bad.

Yes, yes, bad, everything is bad. We are doomed. Yet, we keep walking around and mouthing off, isn’t that weird?

{I am having one of those days.]

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Star Lawrence said...

By the way, these devices are described as "fat blasters." Does having anything in your body blasted sound good to you?