Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Music lessons for a healthier bod

Really? Practice? Or is it the whining?

According to Laura Yeh, violin and ocarina teacher at the St Louis Academy of Music, playing an instrument is good for you.

Well, well…

Playing violin, for example, means good posture, arm development, the ability to relax some muscles while flexing others. Playing also means you have to learn to relax.

Plus, while you are playing, you are not eating.

Cello, even though it’s played sitting, fine tunes motor skills and strengthens arm and back muscles.

Piano improves arm strength and dexterity.

The wind instruments all improve breathing.

The ocarina is a small wind instrument. Little kids can learn it. You must control strength of air flow to “get” the notes.

Here’s to you, Mr Edwin Stoker, my long-suffering violin teacher! Learning an instrument must also teach patience. Make that TEACHING an instrument.

About those ocarinas...Check out www.stlocarina.com.

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