Friday, September 03, 2010

Snack cake diet

These researchers can get so larky and free!

Mark Haub at Kansas State is embarking on a snack cake diet to see how he feels.

Thirty days of Little Deb and the Hostess.

Naturally, he is an obesity expert—at least one with a sense of irony, though, apparently.

He is questioning what healthy weight loss is—and what is a healthy diet?

Man—back to square one…like a brownie square…yum.

He is keeping to 1800 cals a day of peanut butter chocolate bars, cake rolls, donuts and sugared cereal. He lost 7 lbs since Aug 25.

He draws the line at hurling like Morgan Spurlock did with McDonalds. Have to have some standards, don’t ya know.

Is he risking his health? His answer is—gastric bypass risks health and people do that. I am not sure that is an answer. And where is the protein in this?

On a more serious note, he says, the CDC stats show overweight people have lower health care costs and live longer.

Maybe not a walking Ho-Ho—but who knows. He is doing this to spare you. Aren't you grateful?

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