Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wealthy eating more fast food

I don’t know how to take this. Are they feeling the pinch? Do they think this will keep them from feeling it? Have they given up their entrepreneurial lust and fallen into a vat of peanut oil?

“Forget my employee health debacle, forget no bank loans, forget my competitors overseas ruining me, just give me grease! Grease, I say!”

The WSJ (Julie Jargon, great name by the way, Sept 30, 2010) says it’s true. According to American Express, the “ultra-affluent” are eating 24% more fast food than the year before!

Fine dining is up a scosh, too—but not this much.

Ultra-affluent, in case you are chewing on that one, means charging more than $7,000 a month!

They also spent more on business class, yachts, car rentals and five-star hotels.

One guy said eating fast food made him “feel” frugal, although his bill didn’t seem to be going down.

I guess not! The other day we went to Wendy’s and for two salads and a one-patty Baconater it was twenty bucks! Hold the table service. Hold the courtesy.

I like the picture of some richie rich messing up his hair, loosening his tie and losing it as he rubs a Big Mac all over his face.

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